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Journey to Bintulu

KFC...idaman ku selalu...

KFC...idaman ku selalu...

Well…now my watch shows 12.40pm…im still waiting for the flight to bintulu…i reached here around 10.30am…

i was starving when i was on my way to the airport…i wanted to have my breakfast at LCCT McD…but i’ve changed my mind coz they provide less variety of foods…i wanted to order McDeluxe…but they don’t have it…so i went to KFC…well…becoz hungry…anything will look tasty..haha…

i will be arriving bintulu at 15.40…hhmm….hate to wait…but no choice…haha…so here are my pictures in  LCCT airport…more pictures will be uploaded… (^_^)

1912200800219122008003Outside the airport                                                                                 Inside the airport

Inside departure hall

Inside departure hall

Inside aeroplane

Inside aeroplane

It was 2 hour journey...quite boring...haha

It was 2 hour journey...quite boring...haha

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  1. Fizw3rK permalink
    December 19, 2008 7:13 pm

    palak tut dah sampe borneo… aiyak.. ku budget nang aher la kau sampe kch tok. mun dh jelajah sabah.. muz kau kenal nak? or sik? konpius ngan kengkawn dirik ku tok.. huahuahua.. jengah nya rah tawau nun (mun kau ingat muz lah) hehehe..

  2. December 19, 2008 7:34 pm

    ehh, how come you’re updated your blog??? whoa! so fast!! hmmm, maybe i’ll might browse your blog more frequent and see more of your unstoppable updates…

    KFC looks yummy!!! can i have some?? i havent eat since lunch 😥

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