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Belaga village

Here some of the pictures about my kampung, Belaga. It’s not easy to come here…there are several ways to reach here…firstly by land…when u have to travel from Bintulu to Bakun Dam…u need to use 4wD vehicle to drive to Belaga…some more the road is nasty & difficult to handle with…unless u have special skills….

another way is traveling by air…Maswing provides the service…i don’t know how much it cost u to travel to here…but i believe it might not cost u more than rm150 per way…

lastly,..u can travel to belaga by river…u may take express boat from Bakun dam & it takes u 1 hour & 30 minutes to reach belaga…or u may go to Sibu & catch express boat from there…u will pass by Kapit before u reach belaga…it takes u 8 hours to travel here…

so…feel free to view the pictures…







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  1. Fizw3rK permalink
    December 31, 2008 8:44 pm

    by a twin otter goin there… and it is damn noisy airplane.. huhuhu…

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