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Unforgetable Experience

First of all…the story about Michael Kulow and his new sport rims..haha…we went to sunway city…where there were a lot of sport car accessories shops….michael had done his survey to check how much and what is the best rim for his car…so, that day on friday at 3.oo pm, he decided to buy and change his sport rims…it costs him around rm2,600…in addition, he chose a right brand (i forgot what brand it is) and as a result, his car looks more sporty…


Secondly…the story about lorry accident…wow!!…i tell you all, the accident was happened just in front of us…when we were on the way to concorde hotel, shah alam…we both are the real witnesses…the lorry treler was lost control after it hit 2 flyover pillars at kuala lumpur federal highway….we stopped by then, and i was rushed to help the victim…luckily only the driver injured..but he suffered serious injury and the blood covered his whole body…i could not dare to touch him…and the most serious was on his head and left hand…i could see his left hand bone…i wanted to help him but i realized that i have no legal duty to help him…i don’t want to contribute to make him more injured…so, i uploaded several pictures about the event…and…luckily, the lorry did not hit one of the highway car user where there a family in the car…fuuiihh…what an experience…this is the first time in our life saw the real accident involving the big machine….so, please view the pictures…





Thirdly, me and michael had been to Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam…we were enjoying and listening the live band and by the same time…we were watching Man-U against Liverpool…i’m glad that Man-U lost to Liverpool..haha…the climax inside this lounge that, we were dancing POCO-POCO…haha…it was so funny…that was the first time for me and michael dancing poco-poco in kuala lumpur…i was wondering that now this poco-poco becomes more famous in peninsular Malaysia…i thought only Indonesia and Sarawak practise this dance…poco-poco for those who do not know, is about a dancing with its own rthym and steps…you need dangdut songs such as ‘Poco-poco’ and ‘Madu’…when we were dancing, i was little disappointed because the people who danced with us doing it much faster that it should be…it was like you are trying to capturing something…well…as far as i know..this dance is still new to the people here…in my place…we practice this dance whenever where there are wedding event, dinner treat, convention or meeting etc…so, below here i uploaded the video…

Finally, this is about michael kulow again…where he sped his car against it limits…he managed to reach 160km/h…this is his new record…but not enough to compete me yet..haha…i managed to get 175km/h few years back…you know why he did this??…because we wanted to try is there any difference when he has changed the rims…also, he tried to achieve how fast his car to go from 0-100 km/h…so, i uploaded the video here…

well..that’s all for now…i will be back with more stories…i think…most probably i will come with the story about Batang Ai, Sarawak election…see you there… (^_^)

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  1. March 17, 2009 11:03 pm

    first of all, the accident looks horrible.. thank god no one died..

    hmm, you know, last time i went to this event my mother brought me along with her friends, and we had this poco-poco dance.. but the weird part is that, we dance to english-techno music, and it wasnt like those “Poco-poco” or “Madu” as you claimed.. maybe there’s a slight changes to the rhythms as well as the steps.. i think i danced to it for a few times, at the end, i’d give up because it was so damn fast.. the steps i mean..

  2. awangmadel permalink*
    March 19, 2009 8:56 pm

    haha…i experienced the same thing in Concorde Hotel, after we danced, they did a poco2 again with techno song…me n michael were laughing that time…we couldn’t believe and that was the 1st poco2 we saw and using techno as a music…and, the danced faster than we did before it…haha…funny2…(^_^)

  3. yean permalink
    May 18, 2009 8:58 pm

    hey nvr tot tat u guys can b so good in dancing poco poco, whn going to teach me….

  4. awangmadel permalink*
    May 20, 2009 3:16 pm

    dear yean..

    u want us to teach u??..sure no problem…we go to Concorde Hotel, Shah that we can enjoy dancing poco-poco… (>_<)

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