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Law Society Orientation Day


Hello guys…

Well…i’ve juz come back from the college…i’ve had orientation day with my faculty of law…we enjoyed so much…there were activities presented by our peers…

furthermore, in January…there will be an AGM…a new selection for Law Society Committees…

This law degree is one of the most prestigious in the Commonwealth. The degree is recognised internationally for admission into legal practice as well as for advanced legal education. For over 100 years, the degree has opened opportunities for students all over the world to enter the legal profession. The course is subject to the rigorous standards of the University of London. In fact, the University does not discriminate the external degree from its internal equivalent.

Some benefits of the degree:

  • Recognised by the Malaysian Government
  • Recognised as one of the qualifications for the Certificate in Legal Practice examinations in Malaysia.
  • The degree can be completed entirely in Malaysia.
  • Subject guides and syllabi are provided by the University of London.
  • The Stamford Law School is one of the first to have offered regular courses preparing students for this degree. The teaching is structured and students are given comprehensive assistance in understanding the methods of legal research, writing and applying special techniques for law exams.
  • Law, at Stamford, is taught in a multi-disciplinary college. Law students are able to interact with students from other courses and thereby enjoy studying in a TRUE tertiary-level environment.

Law graduates may not necessarily seek careers in the legal profession only. They can also venture into the corporate world such as Banking, Finance and Insurance etc.

dsc_0171dsc_0009my peers                                                                                Dr. Chua gives a speech

dsc_0010dsc_0022Dr. Chua teaches how to use MURDER                                                                       Dr. Tan turns

Michael n his 'wife'

dsc_00561 Michael & his ‘wife’                                                                             Love kisses

dsc_0064dsc_0065What kind of husband is this???                                                       Better don’t get married

dsc_0069dsc_0074Very cruel!!!…                                                                          After he went to clubbing

dsc_0079dsc_0093Michael’s death                                                                                               Naughty lecturer…ha3


Laughing is the best medicine                                                           Nice peformance beb…


Group photo




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  1. December 17, 2008 10:35 pm

    aaaa!!! nice one awang… although, we were a bit upset that we didnt get to see the sketch.. sigh!! up until now we (especially fathin) are sooo mad!!! but thanks for posting our photos.. makes us happy though… see ya!!

  2. awangmadel permalink*
    December 18, 2008 4:20 pm

    — tq ana…

    ya lh…u should come ystrday…glad to hear dat u n fathin hepi…however, at least u n fathin joined the photo session…hehe… (^_^) —


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