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Film Audition

Hi fellows…we meet again…

I juz want to share my moment on last Thursday (11/12/2008) when I was attending an audition which held in Saloma Bistro, Kuala Lumpur. I was acting as Mat Kelubi which cast in filem Pendekar Mat Kilau. It will be showing next year 2009. It was an audition only. Not really2 confirm to be selected as a new actor..haha…By the way, I won’t resist if I get selected to enroll any character in this film.

So this is the dialog that asked by the crews for me to perform.

I was sitting in front of the judges when I introduced myself to them. Meantime, I also performed 10 seconds taekwondo and silat…I memorized the dialog when I was performing the audition…and I performed alone…

Mat Kelubi : Hei orang muda…kamu memerhatikan apa yang kami main. Adakah kamu berminat?

Mat Kelubi : Kamu nampak macam pendekar, tangkas!. Mari tunjukkan ketangkasan otak pula.

And then I was laughing and spoke out this poem:

Pulau Pesagi, Kuala Kajang

Bukit Sanding, Tanjung Berlawan

Haram sekali tidak ku jangka

Ayam ditanding tidak melawan

And then,

I performed a silat. As an act to get a fight with Mat Kilau. But, Tok Gajah interfered. It was an conversation between Tok Gajah and Mat Kilau. Tok Gajah introduced that Mat Kilau is my brother. So I hugged him and said this:

Mat Kelubi : Abg Mat, sudah lama kita tidak berjumpa. Saya dengar abg mat baru keluar dari pertapaan…untuk bersama kami dalam perjuangan.

After that, I moved backward one step only and showed a honor sign and got down as a ‘panglima’ styles…grabbed the ‘soil’ and said this:

Mat Kelubi : Saya bersumpah demi tanah air yang berdaulat ini…aku berjuang bersama mu…jika keringat ini dipinta…maka keringat ini membasahi muka bumi ini…jika darah diperlukan…maka darah ku akan mengalir bersama pendekar pribumi!!!.

So, I finished the requirements and got several comments from one of the judges. He said I performed very well and might call me if I selected to get this roll or any casts. Moreover, this character needs full strength to acting in this film. I replied I am ready for it no matter what the role given to me. Besides, I want to gain knowledge.

So, that all. I don’t have the pictures because I didn’t bring my camera during this auditon. I came for that audition juz to get knowledge and experience. Not more, not less. (^_^)

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